Nuru-Deen Fuseini (right) helps other villagers learn to solder their first solar arrays to be used in 16-watt panels.

The BOKO Bednet Project • Ghana

In the summer of 2012, Green World Health Net, a non-profit which uses sustainable, "green" technologies to improve the health of underserved communities around the world, were headed to Ghana, Africa to teach a remote village how to make complete solar energy systems, including the solar panels, that would not only provide light but also help prevent the spread of malaria.

In hopes of using the experience as a springboard for future fundraising, they contracted me to go along to create a documentary that they could use in their fundraising efforts.

In addition to creating the documentary, I setup a crowd-sourcing campaign on, helping to write the copy, create the graphics, and teasers used in the campaign. Among the "rewards" that contributors received was a DVD of the finished documentary.

The Power of Crowd Funding