Public Enemy Video

Public Enemy Concert @ SFUAD

As part of an ongoing program at Santa Fe University of Art and Design know as "Artists for Positive Social Change" the academic year of 2012 was designated "The Year of Hip Hop." Throughout the school year events included visiting well-known artists, writers and musicians and the year culminated on April 28, 2012 with a live on-campus concert by the ground-breaking hip hop pioneers Public Enemy.

Steve Pace of Adobe Productions mans the TriCaster backstage in the video production suite.
As a video producer and editor for RiffRaff New Media, Albuquerque, New Mexico I was given the task of producing a live webcast of the event as well as editing a short documentary about the planning and final performance of the concert. In addition, I was also assigned to record and cut, in real-time, a two-camera shoot of a public forum with Brian Hardgoove and Chuck D. of Public Enemy that was to take place just two hours before the concert in a separate location.

For the webcast portion of the assignment, I worked with two local companies (AV Systems and Adobe Productions) who specialize in live-event broadcast and who provided three Sony broadcast cameras, a Robo-Cam, a full mobile production suite, audio mixers and all the personnel to run the gear. The audio and video was cut live in a production suite that was set up in a building behind the stage and the final video was fed to two staffers from Laureate International Universities who webcast the show through a suite of MacBooks.

RiffRaff New Media provided four additional cameras and operators, including me, to shoot with DSLRs for the documentary.

From initial planning to concert, the entire project lasted 38 days and involved SFUAD faculty, RiffRaff New Media staff, two production companies, and representatives of Public Enemy. The finished documentary, of which the video above is just a part, was delivered to the client 13 days later.

Artists For Positive Social Change: Year of Hip Hop

  • The video here is just a short excerpt from the finished video. To see the full-length video (10:17) which shows all of the personnel and equipment used CLICK HERE