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How To Make A Short Film

RiffRaff New Media, where I was a producer/videographer/editor, has produced numerous promotional videos for Santa Fe University of Art and Design's various academic departments. This video, "How To Make a Short Film," was an attempt to do something completely different than any of those we had done before.

SFUAD student John O'Connor operating the Panavision camera on set at Garson Studios
Because it was meant to promote the Moving Image Arts Department (now know as the Film School) we decided that instead of talking about the department and what you can learn there, we would just SHOW what you learn there in an instructional format. In the video, students and professors talk about their personal experiences of creating a short film, from concept to distribution and screening, but never mention the school or the department--that was risky. We also took a risk of making it quite a but longer than the average YouTube video, and included one of the student's complete shorts at the end, stretching the finished piece to just over 25 minutes.

That risk paid off.

As of this writing (9/18/14), the average video on SFUAD's YouTube channel has garnered 200-500 views. The second most-viewed video on the channel is the intro video with 12,388 views. "How To Make a Short Film" to date has been viewed 252,229 times and is the number one video on the channel.

Google "How To Make a Short Film" and look at the results. As of this writing, it comes in at number 3 for web results and is the top hit under video. I believe this is the result of good meta data as much as it is about the content of the video.

"How To..." videos, when done well, are a great way to gain viewership.

  • The third most-viewed video on SFUAD's channel is another one we produced called "How to Prepare for an Audition." Google "How to Prepare for an Audition" and you'll see it's the 4th hit for web (as of this writing) and the top hit for video. Watch "How to Prepare for an Audition" (10:30) »